40 Days in the Dark Exhibition

Mar 12.

Our spring exhibition is inspired by a short film ‘Return of the Sun’. This documentary by Glen Milner looks at an Inuit community in Northern Greenland, who spend 40 days of their winter in complete darkness. To tie this in with the 40 day season of lent, we are curating an exhibition which encourages people to imagine what it would feel like to live in darkness, waiting for the moment when the sun rises for the first time. For this group show, we have invited artists to respond to the theme by exploring personal experiences of how creativity is a form of expression and hope, which can help us journey through dark places and bring us into light. Partnering with Newcastle and Gateshead Arts Studio (NAGAS) the exhibition features work by some of its members, as well as powerful interpretations by other artists including Lorraine Udell, Fetlework Tesfaye and Kay Steven.

Amy Warmington, amy@theholybiscuit.org.uk
March 12, 20152015-03-12T02:29:00
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK