Lough Gur Dark Sky Park Initiative

Jun 08.

Frank Ryan of Shannonside Astronomy Club set up the SAC 'Dark Skies Initiative' in 2014 to publicise intelligent lighting and help reduce local light pollution. Working in conjunction with Lough Gur, Frank invited Albert White, Chairman of The Irish Dark Sky Association to visit the site to officially take some readings and to hold an open public lecture on the advantages of preserving the nights sky in terms of energy saving, heritage, wildlife protection & boosting tourism. Readings taken on the night by Albert clocked in at a very impressive 21.18. It is rare for an area so close to a major city and towns to have such good quality skies. Following Albert's visit it was clear that the Lough Gur area not only meets but exceeds the strict criteria to allow for an application to the International Dark Sky Association to become an officially accredited international 'Dark Sky Area'. Frank has been busy working with Albert White since the initial meeting on the project plan and strategy required to secure such a prestigious accreditation. On June 8th 2015 the official launch of the Dark Sky Park Initiative was launched by Apollo 15 Astronaut AL Worden to correspond with the International Year of Light. The archaeoastronomer Dr. Frank Prendergast from DIT presented on the day along with Frank Ryan from the Shannonside Astronomy Club.

Kate Harrold, kate@loughgur.com
June 8, 20152015-06-08T02:02:00
Limerick, Ireland