Physics in the Kungsträdgården

Sep 05.

Physics in Kungsträdgården is a unique opportunity for meeting reaserchers and ask all kind of questions, participate in doing experiments, in 7 tents and listen to exciting talks at the "lilla scenen". We have activities for children in every age. discover your own supernova live through the Palomar teleskope in Kalifornien, USA detect cosmic radiation in the fogchamber spot on muons and learn about matter of the smallest parts Do your own electrical circuit and test a 3D-printer Follow the evaluation of the universe from the Big Bang to today and how the future could look like. If you are a child you can solder your own electronic kit and take it home. Learn about methods how it is possible to detect and tread illnesses for example cancer. See a demonstration of a PET-camera, detect radioactivity and learn about how radiation affects your body. fill out a quizz and win

Michael Odelius ,
September 5, 20152015-09-05T09:49:00
Stockholm, Sweden