Practical Philosophy, or Making Conservation Work, The 43rd Annual Meeting of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works

May 13. till May 16.

This year’s meeting theme was Practical Philosophy or Making Conservation Work. Many factors, ranging from available resources to questions of public access and politics, can thwart even the best treatment plans and noblest intentions. The transition from what we initially envision as ideal to what we eventually acknowledge as realistic often requires compromise. But, are less than satisfactory outcomes inevitable? Or, can better solutions evolve from necessity? Presentations discussed how philosophical principles can be successfully translated into workable – even superior – practice. Because UNESCO proclaimed 2015 the international Year of Light, the Program Committee also selected presentations that discuss practical solutions that take advantage of optical technology to examine and preserve cultural heritage.

Margaret Holben Ellis ,
May 13, 20152015-05-13T10:18:00 - May 16, 2015 2015-05-16T10:19:00
Miami, Fl, US