Beyond the Naked Eye

Mar 13.

The event was the schools launch of 'Enlightenment: Build it, See it, Show it’, an initiative which aims to get schoolchildren across Scotland building their own microscopes from kits, and using them to take amazing close-up images to reveal the hidden details of the world around them. The project is a key part of Heriot-Watt’s activities as part of the UN International year of Light. Prof. Rory Duncan (IB3, EPS) and Dr Laura Wicks (Heriot-Watt Engage) took part in a workshop explaining the awesomeness of microscopy to biology teachers from across Scotland. The teachers got the opportunity to build their own smartphone microscopes, and were amazed at the simplicity involved in creating an object which can see into cells.

Laura Wicks,
March 13, 20152015-03-13T03:40:00
Edinburgh, U.K.