University of Eastern Finland to sponsor the International Year of Light

The University of Eastern Finland (UEF) is delighted to announce its official sponsorship in the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015).

Northern Lights in Finland. Credits: Steve K.
Northern Lights in Finland. Credits: Steve K.

Beautiful and colorful nature is part of the essence of Finland. Finland is one of those rare places where one enjoys the beauty of light all year-round: Northern lights in winter, the midnight Sun in summer and flaming colors in autumn. The spectacular Finnish natural environment has been combined with Finnish high technology and one of the world's best education systems to provide an excellent base for the UEF to become a remarkable world player in photonics research and outreach. To share its commitment to photonics education and to promote the beauty of light in nature, UEF has just confirmed its Gold Associate partnership with the IYL 2015. UEF will also contribute to the IYL 2015 with several educational, outreach and cultural activities to promote light science in Finland.

Director of the UEF Institute of Photonics Professor Pasi Vahimaa comments:

It is our pleasure to be a part in this important IYL2015 mission. It reminds us that light is not just a science for people working in photonics but also much more.

The year 2015 will start in Joensuu, Finland, with light art with the Aurora Carealis Light Festival. Professor Vahimaa adds:

The Aurora Carealis Light festival, which brings several international light artists to Joensuu, provides a spectacular environment to promote light science. We are planning a mixture of science and art with Kari Kola, who is the main artist behind Aurora Carealis.

UEF will also play a very important role during the SciFest event to be held in Joensuu in April 23-25 2015. This festival will provide a fantastic possibility to present light in various form and hands-on science experience to thousands school children.

About UEF

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