IYL 2015 Images

  • Colours of Life

    Colours of Life

    The photo shows an orb and 6 backlit plastic tanks.
    Image Credit: Light Striper, 5071 Viehausen
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  • Light up time - Minh Nguyen

    Light-up time

    This night time photo was taken with the setting of long exposure 1203 seconds. The image shows the present time of human life, civilization of human beings from the front side.
    Image Credit: Minh-Nguyen
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  • Lluis Busse

    Everything is connected

    From the farthest galaxy to the smallest subatomic particle, all universes are connected in a dance of unimaginable color where protons compress the space, time and nanoparticles. A beautiful show with infinite possibilities in density, gravitational forces, energy, antimatter, micro black holes in a google light years space. In short: our cosmic reality twisted in awesome journey of cataclysmic events.
    Image Credit: Lluís Bussé
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  • lorna

    Light Portal - A journey into inner space

    This is a photo of a light sculpture made from layers of sculpted thermoplastics, resin, iridescent and fusible films, transparent paints, resin, LED light from a light box. This initial light portal was created and then integrated into a larger installation: Light-Life Ignite: http://www.movinglightart.com/#!wac-arts-2015/cp74 The installation is about how the interaction between light and life ignites new, ever-changing unexpected rivers of flowing light and colour which radiate into the world. Life-Light Ignite pays tribute to the United Nations International Year of Light 2015.
    Image Credit: Copyright: Lorna Carmen McNeill 2015. www.LornaCarmenMcNeill.com
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