Oct 03. till Apr 08.

PHARES is a "beacon of headlights", located where the first public test of electric lighting happened: Place de la Concorde, in 1843.

PHARES, is a 93-foot-high pyramid composed of aluminium whose graduated gold color recalls the original symbolism of the Obelisk as a passage from Earth to Sky.

This artwork by Milène Guermont interacts with the oldest monument of Paris through the use of the latest generation LED car headlights.

During the FIAC, COP21, PHARES lights up to the rhythm of the heartbeat of passers-by:

During Valentine's Day, the EIFFEL TOWER illuminates at the rhythm of PHARES:

After six months on the Place de la Concorde, PHARES is travelling to get close to the sea.

Milene Guermont,
October 3, 20152015-10-03T01:27:00 - April 8, 2016 2016-04-08T09:56:00
Place de la Concorde, Paris, France