Space Night, Crofton Downs Primary School

Jun 20.

Space Night is a parent led science festival, hosted in the evening at a small primary school of 170 students (Crofton Downs Primary School) in Wellington, but open to whole community. We run from 5pm to 9pm one night around mid-winter each year (this is second year we've run). This year we have 4 zones activities - The Observatory with Telescopes, Space Talks, Astrophotography, Space Craft and a Robot room - Rocket Lab where we launch bottle rockets from the school field - Alien Forest - an area of interactive activities to explore light, colour, sound and motion. - Science After Dark - a large tent in the school field which holds 350 people dedicated to science demonstration and hands on experiences across water, motion, life, light and sound.

Lee Mauger,
June 20, 20152015-06-20T11:59:00
Wellington, New Zealand